Request account

Normal proccess time up to 7 days received by email.
Accounts manually generated 1-2 times per week. Activated stations will be listed in facebook group.
Please have some patience, i have many requests and daily e-mails.
I do the best i can as fast as possible. Thank you!
Only for hamradio operators using AirScout software on VUSHF bands in EU!
Do not request account if you are all ready registered or need new demo files!
This is only for new user requests.

    Conscider a donation for this project !
    Donate and support page !

    For some reason Microsoft (Outlook/Gmail/Hotmail) accounts are banning my emails to you.
    If you can use a regular e-mail address i would prefer. Thanks!

    I receive emails every day from people claiming no access to servers.
    Check if data going in/out to AirScout first please.

    In the email there is guide what to look for. Most common error is firewall settings in windows.
    You have to give AirScout access in your firewall. When downloading new version, install into same folder/directory or else you have to allow Airscout in firewall.